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Biosphere, Agrupacion Ilegal Los Imparciales, Ihsan Al Munzer, Tornado Wallace and Kelley Polar.

Artist — Track Name

Artist Track Name

TR13E - Vibes From The TR13E Intro
Cabaret Voltaire - Cold Turkey
An Old Family Business - Monty Python's Fandango
Ennio Morricone - Deborah's Theme (Once Upon a Time in America)
Segen - 58/RP
Vazz - OnlY Child
Georgia - Slow Dance
Biosphere - T Schlop
Ketiov - Hey Now
Agrupacion Ilegal Los Imparciales - Darker Shade of Black
Shelter Edits - Ula Y'Ugadey
Cherrystones - Belly of Pork
Shams Din - Ane Dassi M'we
Zasha - Arrow Dub
Tornado Wallace - Today (I:Cube Remix)
Talking Drums - Get Serious
CHMMR - Pretty Space (Telephones Remix)
Kelley Polar - Rosenband (TR13E Final Words of Summer Version - Unreleased)
Cannibal Ink - The Souk (Mushrooms Project Remix)
Rhythm From Zaire - African Dream
Inhalt - Walking On Glass/Hart's Theme
Ken Dodd - Happiness (TR13E Diddy Men Dub)


The TR13E is a robe-wearing musical cult founded by a quartet of record collectors, DJs and “tropical pagan” enthusiasts in January 2013. The collective’s members include a number of vastly experienced DJs from a number of well-known Bristol clubland institutions, but who operate as part of the TR13E under numerical aliases. Musically, the TR13E joins the dots between sunrise sounds, sunset grooves, ritualistic rhyhtms and mind-altering experimentalism, adding laters of field recordings, samples and spoken words to create an ambient house style sound soup they describe as the “dream world”.

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