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Artist — Track Name

TR13E - Vibes From The TR13E Intro
Lord of the Isles - Nustron
Future Sound of London - Monolith
Holy Ghost Inc. - Walk on Air (Sun & Moon Mix)
The Shamen - Possible Worlds (Imaginary)
Kino-Moderno - Sync You (Original Mix)
Kwanzaa Posse - Wicked Funk (Afro-Ambient Mix)
Antoine Kogut & Nico Motte - Jungle Dweller
Om Buschmann - Prima Kalimba
Bjorn Torske & DJ Sotofett - Host (Version)
Nicola Cruz - Tzanta
Haysi Fantaysi - Sabres of Paradise
Juryman - Playground Ritual
LAPS - Who Me?
Wendy & Lisa - Staring at the Sun (The Orb & Youth Remix)
TR13E - Brian Eno in Dub (interlude)
Last Rhythm - Last Rhythm (Ambient Mix)
Apiento & Co - Under Clear Skies
Rob Mehl - House on the Rock
Young Gun Silver Fox - Lojng Way Back
Domenique Dumont - L'Esprit De L'Escalier
Andres & Oscar - Make It Better
Second Apartment - Subhumans


The TR13E is a robe-wearing musical cult founded by a quartet of record collectors, DJs and “tropical pagan” enthusiasts in January 2013. The collective’s members include a number of vastly experienced DJs from a number of well-known Bristol clubland institutions, but who operate as part of the TR13E under numerical aliases. Musically, the TR13E joins the dots between sunrise sounds, sunset grooves, ritualistic rhyhtms and mind-altering experimentalism, adding laters of field recordings, samples and spoken words to create an ambient house style sound soup they describe as the “dream world”.

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