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TML w/ Eckblad & Daisy Hex

  • Techno
  • Electro
  • Bass
  • Breaks
  • Club
Artist — Track Name

pilotredsun - deathly
ate21 - Hearns (panda)
Blawan - No Rabbit No Life
3KZ - Wide Eyes
Comit - Flutter
Robert Fleck - Hi Press
Awo Ojiji - Inwards
DJ P - Permeation
Azu Tiwaline - Tight Wind ft. Cinna Peyghamy
Jinjé - Ya Maji
Yssue - Lawnmower Dub
Bolten M - Eco Inestable
Planète - Deep Navy
Tristan Arp - Circling Music
E-Unity - Morty
Blamstrain - 1:00 AM
Monāe - Cisphobic
SOPHIE - Hard (Get Face Edit)
Bad Boombox - Get Ya Club On
Albyy - The Bvck
DJ Swisherman - Pushin’ Keys
JSPRV35 - Roque Da Houz
Alec Dienaar - Cut It
Mincy - Biscuit Inception
Stef de Haan - Look, Know You What It Is?
sowhy3 - at the function
Amor Satyr - Back Me Grown
DJ Karawi - Tekno Bass
Cyberflex - Ain’t Tryin
Textasy - Do That Basketball
CLTX - My Bassline Drives You Crazy
Strenx & y0ta - Ganesh on Acid
Poumtica- I Got Techno On My Mind And I Can’t Stop
Xynia- In the Club
Erik Burka - Shakin’ That Ass (Junkmeister Mix)
Juicy Selecta - Unusual Suspects
Sugababes - Round Round (1-800-BABES VIP)
Go Nuclear - I Have Become Pure NRG
Mathis Ruffing - Graphene
Greazus - WTF
DBBD - School High
Deadly Alive - Left Foot 2 Step
Dispulus & Klympt - Magic Key


Always Human Tapes head and Hotflush recording artist delivers a show of otherworldly club music, every month from Minneapolis

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