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From Here w/ Stick In The Wheel

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Artist — Track Name

Unknown - Wolfman
Minstrels for Sleepless - My Father The Sea Part 1
OKI + Kila - Oroho Raha (Stick In The Wheel remix)
Tamanga & Pierre Bastien - Movement 2
Stick In The Wheel - Robot
Dead Space Chamber Music - Mari Lwyd - Morfa'r Frenhines (Grey Mare - Queen's Marsh)
Rondes' Dancas Redondas - Quand J'etais Fille A Marier - Landerid
Lucia Nimcova & Sholto Dobie - Materina Duska
Sedna Chronicles - The Nunavut Letter
John Kirkpatrick - The Dance of the Demon Daffodils
(Fulgerica) - Briu de la Craiova

From Here w/ Stick In The Wheel

Perspectives on traditions and the roots of cultures with guest interviews.

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