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Primitive Knot - Brutalism
Yeruselem - Autoimmunity
Sophrosyne - Mortal Ceremony
Lunacy - Disposition
Sophrosyne - Divine Violence
Gnaw Their Tongues - to rival death in beauty
Uniform & The Body - In My Skin
Uboa - Finally, we can rest (for Eva)
MARRAS - Overture of the Lonely Journey
Këkht Aräkh - Elegy for the Memory of Me
Caustic Wound - Death Posture
Mylingar - Obalansen
Cloud Rat - Webspinner
Sophrosyne - As I Saw Hell
Extreme Precautions - Untitled 10
Valborg - Ave Maria
Sophrosyne - Claustrum

ADMA - Deck'n'Effekt

Jean Jenkins - Duduk - Ashkabad, Turkmenia
Robert Ashley - Autmomatic Writing
Nzumbe - Trece Lunas Nuevas
Langham Research Centre plays John Cage - Fontana Mix With Aria
Muslimgauze - Azzazzin
Mohammad Reza Mortazavi - Birth of a Whale
Bernard Bonnier - Le Grincant Mr. Smile
Errorsmith - Rubbercement
Mark Fell & Sandro Mussida ‎– Object Relations
Ludvig Van Beethoven - Symphony No. 9, Second Movement
Strangulated Beatoffs - It's A Vile Vile Vile Vile World
Deafkids - Veia Aberta

Schwet w/ Sophrosyne

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