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Schwet w/ Jacken Elswyth

  • Folk
  • Freak Folk
  • Psychedelic
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  • Industrial
Artist — Track Name

Daniel Bachman - Variations on the Goose Chase
Benedict Drew - On going back
Bardo Pond - Limerick
Earl Scruggs, Doc Watson, and Ricky Scaggs - Soldier’s Joy
Comus - The Herald
Bianca Scott - Pump organ at St Giles Church
Bill Nighy & Ian Holm - Gil Galad was an Elven King
MV + EE - The joyous within
The Incredible String Band - The half-remarkable question
Animal Collective and Vashti Bunyan - Baleen Sample
Ashley Hutchins & Herefordshire morrismen - Beatrice Hill’s three handed reel / Christ made a trance
The Holy Modal Rounders - Same old man
Neil Campbell & Shit Creek - Developing fraction concepts
Allison’s Sacred Harp Singers - I’m on my journey home
Blind Uncle Gaspard - Sur de la borde de l’eau
Dirk Powell, John Hermann, and Tim O’Brien - Mole in the ground
Elina Bolshenkova - звук стекла в застывшей пыли
Thomas Bush - Flood
Wormhook - Folk From The Vaults of a Death Cult DnB Version
Max Syedtollan - I Don't Want Lorenzo To Hear Me Singing Today
Mahogany Brain - Silkskin Dawn
Sirom - Ten Worlds
Annelies Monsere - Shells
Cheval de trait - WAR AN HEN
Marlene Ribeiro - Toqeui no Sol
теплота - Limit Cycle (version shell)
33 - Pigeons
Tank Jr. - Lock it Down
Ésc(i) - Tar Cycle
Olan Monk - Addict
Donna Candy - Blooming


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