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Schwet w/ Monochrome Festival

  • Experimental
  • Ambient
  • Death Metal
  • Noise
  • Industrial
Artist — Track Name

Kuupuu - Musti Eksyy
Fursaxa - Alone In The Dark Wood
Sholto Dobie - Through
Acte Bonté - Au Manoir
Dali de Sain Paul and Maxwell Sterling - 5
Leyden Jars - The Waters Rise
Christian Love Forum - Love After Love
Aelk Minsur - Impact Is The Contract
Nathan Ho - Acetone Splash
Kenosist - WTFTS?
cybiko2000 - DESCE A PORRA DA XERECA {{{{{{{{{{{{180BPM}}}}}}}}}}}}
Judgitzu - Vitalimètre
Stranglers - Yellowcake UF6
Anne Gillis - Bangkok La Nuit

Cuntroaches - Borboborygmus
Mister Lizard - 3
Ovo - Distillati di tenebre, pt. 1
Ona Snop - Respect
Guttersnipe - Stromatolite's Kiss
Psudoku - Baaang
Distraxi - Precipice
Vacuous - Body of Punishment
Iffernet - Beggars
Cavalerie - Paris By Knife
Human Leather - You May Think it's Big and Clever, But All I See is Fights, Vomit and Tired Nurses
Gnaw Their Tongues - Sawn asunder and left for the beasts
Dan Johnson - The Bellflower (Excerpt)
Aluk Todolo - 5.01


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