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  • Trap
  • Avant-Garde
Artist — Track Name

Sophia - As We Weep at the Altar of Mourning
Memotone - Kilmeny
Bastarda - Achar
Ocean Floor - Fogland
Phew - Midnight
Bretwalda - Imperial Syncretism
Nurse With Wound - Kusema Jibini
Ambulance vs. Ambulance - Brecon Amman Trinity ft. Abul-Loul The Singer
Nik Turner's Sphynx - Isis and Nephthys
Théâtre Du Chêne Noir - Le Bonheur
Jaco - Las Procesiones (Forthcoming Magia Roja)
Giulio Erasmus - Varied in Themes (Forthcoming Absolute Fiction)
Ilitch - Brisure
Flop - Side A Excerpt (Forthcoming Pyramid Scheme)
Senyawa - Fasih (Laura Agnusdei Remix Cubista)
Lowkhey - Reboot [option]
Neo Geodesia - Fanta Rouge
BLKLN - Vaginaproductplacement
Sophrosyne - The Bells Don't Chime At Midnight (Forthcoming Avon Terror Corps)
God Is My Co-Pilot - We Signify (Hrvatski Remix)
Tzii - Ich Bin Nicht Mehr Der Ihren
B.F.D. - Military Rampage of Invaders
C-Schulz - Spacer
Iv/An - Captured Music
Marcus Schmickler - Metorillo 9
Twice A Man - Dance
Cube - Mutual Thin Air
Prod - N.W.O.B.


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