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Nice Strangers

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  • Jungle
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  • Dub
Artist — Track Name

Nakayama Munetoshi - Standard
Capitol K - Goatherder
MUMIA - Ave do Deserto
Quum - Stress
J. Tripp - Portal of Exit
The Vision Reels - Chrysanthemum
RG - Backdrive
øjeRum - Are The Hills Going To March Off?
Lee Scratchy Perry, Vin Gordon - Vin Dub
Ross Alexander - Shattering Metals - Burnt Outro Dub
Moor Mother - Passing of Time
Andi Toma - Damn Luei Lit
Frank Murder - Warning Acid

Nice Strangers

Nice Strangers is a Milan based radio show specialized in music rarities found in the depth of the web and tracks of less known artists produced by worldwide underground labels. The show mainly focuses on psychedelia, Italian minimalism and library, punk and avant-garde. Occasionally it features interviews with special guests.

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