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Artist — Track Name

Space Afrika - Version 2
Ye ye - Nt uzzn
45ac - Smoked Out
Bruce - Petal Pluck
Sunun - Message Inna Stab
SKRSINTL - Furdamurda
Ligovskoï - Aures (Peder Mannerfelt Power Mix)
Civilistjäcel! - Untitled
Sophia Luoizou - Shadows of Futority
Kelman Duran - Aeon ii
Actress ft. Zsela - Remembrance
Pessimist & Karimaas - B6
Actress Forgiven
Kelman Duran - South London
Rezzett - Zootie


The monthly guest hour is a vehicle to explore folk and choral music as well as twisted experimental instrumentals and music concrète. Her shows are rarely beat driven, but when mixing with Anina and Sunun, her two AMA sisters - they will probably be playing jungle!

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