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Guest w/ Amos

  • Ambient
  • Experimental
  • Jungle
  • Soundtrack
Artist — Track Name

Roger 23 - State IIX Interlude II
Protect U - Nobody gets paid
Yoshihiro Hanno - Flowers of Shangai (main theme)
Bourbonese qualk - Lullaby
Coby Sey - Lamp Marathon
Vitgnke - Gunman
Ryuichi Sakamoto - After All
Bourbonese qualk - Mayapal
Virtual - Masahiro Ikumi
Zana - Ti Si Neko Staro Lice (1981 Yugoslavia)
Lurka - IWWA
Gavsborg - Julie Mango appreciation tweet
MOebius and Plank - Solar Plexus
Yuji Ohne - Love Ballade
Solar Lounge - Figures in A
Roger 23 - Day 1


The monthly guest hour is a vehicle to explore folk and choral music as well as twisted experimental instrumentals and music concrète. Her shows are rarely beat driven, but when mixing with Anina and Sunun, her two AMA sisters - they will probably be playing jungle!

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