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Artist — Track Name

KMRU - Why Are You Here
Wojciech Rusin - Cyclops
Manchester Collective - The Centre Is Everywhere
Laila Sakini - The Mountain Effect
Dis Fig - Purge
Vtgnike - Zvonok
Mica Levi - Monk
Wojciech Rusin - Fox Glove
Coby Sey - Nsu
Space Afrika - Lose You Beau
Vessel - Black Leaves And Broken Branches
SKI H1 - Browngreen
Space Afrika - yyyyyy2222
SKI H1 - Memories
Bruce - Before You Sleep
Space Afrika - Lv


The monthly guest hour is a vehicle to explore folk and choral music as well as twisted experimental instrumentals and music concrète. Her shows are rarely beat driven, but when mixing with Anina and Sunun, her two AMA sisters - they will probably be playing jungle!

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