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Residents Bin: June '22

A monthly roundup of releases from residents of the station from June.

Words Noods Editorial Published 03.06.22

Slightly smaller bin this month but worry not, the standard has definitely not dropped. Six incredible releases from a bunch of incredible artists. We have Glass's crY album given remix treatment from the likes of emma dj, Katatonic Silentio and more, we have a collaborative cultural sonic tour from Stick In The Wheel, Quade's second post-rock-punk-ambient-electonic-thing release, a new album from Mars89 and more. Get involved.

Glass — crY (Remixed)

Resident: OOH-Sounds Label: OOH-sounds
Digital CD

Sound freak mastadons crY's debut album 'Glass' remixified by a slew of incredible acts from far and wide - including the always amazing emma dj, Katatonic Silentio and Klarhk, each of which present their take on the title track's electronic magic.

As well as that, the thing also includes the full album and a live recording of Glass performing the track in question, if you didn't grab the album (and actually even if you did) - go grab this IDM flavoured / technical wizardry / sonic fuckery now, it's so good.

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Stick In The Wheel — Perspectives on Tradition

Resident: From Here w/ Stick In The Wheel Label: Stick In The Wheel
Digital Cassette CD

Lastest from London's Stick In The Wheel, the self described 'Medieval Kraftwerk' pushing electronic music forward in all the right ways.

This album comes as a collaborative project with a selection of many artists the band invited to explore what traditional music and culture meant to them, through the folk music library/audio archive at Cecil Sharp House.

The result is a truly all encompassing album pulling experimental electronics into pop, folk, post-rock, shoegaze and more. All musicians on this album present a different cultural perspective, imbuing a unique flavour into every track.

You can find out more by copping the booklet (as well as the tape or CD) which features interviews with each artists about their input on the project.

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Quade — Spiral

Resident: Quade Label: Self Released

The new four piece post-rock-post-punk blokes on the Bristol block, Quade. If you've been in and around town you've probably seen their name about, or hopefully, listened to the track they put out last month titled 'The Balance'.

Either way dig into this two track release featuring two blissful cuts laden with synths, strings, sparse percussion and the occasional spoken word. Ambient electronica, post-rock, post-punk and more, all infused into their a sound all their own.

Really great stuff and one to watch (it's only a matter of time) — go support.

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Mars89 — Visions

Resident: Mars89 Label: Bedouin Records
Digital Vinyl

Long time friend and resident Mars89 back again with another album, this time out on the Athens based imprint Bedouin Records, known for releasing the likes of Merzbow, Tzuzing, Eomac and Ekman to name a few.

The album really speaks for itself, however the format does require I add a few words of my own about it.. dread-squished synth fuckery with industrial intention - the odd vocal chop here and there for good measure and punishing crushed rhythms nodding to a UK sound albeit with their feet firmly in their own sound — and all of this caked in a serious smattering of reverb. Need I say more?

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emkay & Stuster — Splits 2

Resident: O To O Label: OO Recordings
Digital Cassette

Serious synth work across emkay's half of this split out on OO recordings. Four beautiful soul infused dance cuts combined with her playful lyrics creating hard to pin down. Fun tracks to make a stiff crowd move, and tracks to force them into a trance.

The second side comes from Stuster taking the split into a somewhat darker place, albeit not that dark, slowing things down to make space for razor sharp acid lines to fill the space between punch electro rhythm.

Nostalgic yet forward thinking, great stuff across the whole thing.

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Merino — Green Trax 2

Resident: Discos Esmeralda Label: Esmeralda

Second edition of Merino's 'Green Trax'. Four faithful techno tracks, flittering between fuzzing kick drums, squarking synth birds and EBM bass lines. Something for all techno lovers on this thing I'd say.

All recorded with the same idea, one drum machine, one synth, and the same effect chain for each track, manipulated on the fly in try live style to present something always subtly morphing and twisting — orchestrated robots, you could say..

The fourth track I should add, was created as a DJ tool, made entirely for those DJ's who like to play with three of four decks, not for the faint of heart but nail it and people will be dancing for sure.

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