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Scuti – 1234 | GRIP

Noods Radio are proud to present the second iteration of GRIP: three single take live-sessions produced in collaboration with Audio Technica.

Published 20.06.23

Shot from within a gymnasium in Peckham, the South-London native Scuti takes to the mic performing her track ‘1234’ with producer tn-490. With the freedom and fluency of someone who has been in the game twice as long, Scuti’s effortless flow rides tn-490’s beat with ease, creating something timeless and desperate for re-listens.

Directed by Jordan Martin
Produced by Double Vision
Recorded using Audio Technicas ATM510

The Grip project is supported by Audio-Technica. Since 1962, Audio-Technica’s audio equipment – ranging from cartridges and turntables to microphones and headphones – has been used by a diverse and eclectic mixture of music scenes throughout the world. Find out more and browse their current products via their website.

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