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Jawnino - ChaseSpring | GRIP

Noods Radio are proud to present the second iteration of GRIP: three single take live-sessions produced in collaboration with Audio Technica.

Published 06.07.23

Jawnino takes to an old Shadwell hospital turned guardianship where the artist creates a dynamic live take of ‘ChaseSpring’. Where relentless breaks lay the groundwork, video game-esque chords build emotive tension that when combined with Jawnino’s poetic prowess call for brooding reflection.

Directed by Jordan Martin
Produced by Double Vision
Recorded using Audio Technicas ATM510

The Grip project is supported by Audio-Technica. Since 1962, Audio-Technica’s audio equipment – ranging from cartridges and turntables to microphones and headphones – has been used by a diverse and eclectic mixture of music scenes throughout the world. Find out more and browse their current products via their website.

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