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Support Mickey Zoggs

Our landlord has put the much beloved and cherished cafe/bar Mickey Zoggs, which houses our studio, up for sale.

We’ve been given an ultimatum, buy the pub or get out! This is our chance to keep Mickey Zoggs in the hands of the community and remain a music hub for generations to come.

We’ve got 30 days to raise £70k and stop it from being developed! Lend us a hand, donate what you can and share it amongst your friends.

  • If we lose the venue, we lose Mickey Zoggs
  • If we lose Zoggs, the radio will be put on hold
  • If we lose the radio, all our community focus on projects will stop

If you would like to learn a little more about what we do at Mickey Zoggs, Noods Levels CIC and how this will effect the station please visit our crowdfunder and dontate what you can ❤️