On Air


We’re looking for UK based photographers to be a part of an exhibition we’re putting on next year.

The exhibition will be showcasing the photographers who have been documenting the evolution of alternative culture, the subcultures that have morphed throughout the years into a contemporary amorphous pool prolifically spewing out transgressive art, music and fashion.

We’re looking for photographers who have been capturing the world through their own idiosyncratic vision — from the outsiders making transgressive music to the avant-garde artists redefining their craft, to queer culture’s diverse cultural presence. The people who make up the culture that continually flows beneath the mainstream surface pressing in on them.

  • Portraiture
  • Gig photography
  • Series / documentary
  • Fashion photography
  • Street photography

The exhibition will be held at a location in central Bristol over a long weekend.

Application closing date: 31st December ‘23

Apply via this form here.

In partnership with Analogue Wonderland