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Zoe McPherson

  • Electronica
  • Experimental
  • Field Recordings

Made my mix n°2 for the second month residency of Noods radio.
Continuing to include a lot of phone "field" recordings and tracks to fit that current mood.
Some self reflective stuff, some happy and lovely moments, some special Bristol trip recordings from last NYE, some dreamy, some dancey, some sound designy, some old school French rap /sing along reminding me of being 13, some micro gabber, some musique balinaise, some dub, electronic music (lol), a daily routine of immune system Qigong exercice (thanks AGF), some yet unreleased material by sick producers Glass, some freshly released material (what a hard time to release) by Forces, some fucked up remixes I made just for this mix, etc. etc. anyways.

Keep your head up in these fucked up times. Dive and learn from your inners, we'll come out of this shit much brighter. Much love, and let me know how you feel.

Artist — Track Name

Artist - Track

Phone - Dove street Bristol
Phone- Brandon Hill Bristol
Maybe It Smells Good ... Or Bad (RIP <3) - Genesis Breyer P-Orridge
Phone - See things from a large scale, this sort of objective presence
Phone - Portland Square
Phone - Neue Bahnhofstraße
Release the bees - Cando
Aardvarck - What U
Phone - An der Wuhlheide 234B
Phone - I’m drowning in Caramel baby
(forthcoming on Santé Records ;) - LASER_DEADVERSION_21022020
UPPERCUT v2(mastered)
(thanks AGF tweets) - Immune Boost Qigong
Kai Whiston - 11 IV - No World
FF - Mystère et suspense
Dj Shadow - Mutual Slump
Dale Cornish, Aqal Pattern 5 - Entr’acte - Spread this, not that! - 100 -E215
Applause at Berlinale Christina Vantzou’s live show
11 Blegrami , Vaptisma - VA - KSH03 SONIC RESISTANCE. A Compilation For Rojava.
Life Real - Kelman Duran
Black Snake Whip - A Gun to the Head Thing
J E L L V A K O - S P L A S H
Kamek - Square
Forces - World is Going to Burn
Forces - Joy of SSRI
Andrea - World is Going to Burn
01 - Mojang Priangan (A Girl from Priangan) Degung-Mojang Priangan
Bjork - (Zoë’s possibly fucked up remix)- Possibly Maybe
NEW FEAR - Mirage
Nazar - UN Sanctions
Phone - Home cooking 23
Phone - An der Wuhlheide 234B