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Young Echo Spookfest w/ Intel Mercenary & Medis

  • Japanese Traditional
  • Rap
  • Trap
  • Memphis
  • Dubstep
Artist — Track Name

Flying Lotus - Your Lord
Akira Soundsuite - Akira Soundsuite
Flying Lotus - Your Armour
Lunice H CJ Fleming - All Clear
Mono/Poly - Funkzilla
Iglooghost - Yellow Gum
Lunice - Ripple
The Gaslamp Killer - Meat Guilt
BBC Sound Effects - Specifes In The wind
Flying Lotus - Pieface
The Gaslamp Killer - Father
Me Doom - Born Like This
Flying Lotus - Jurassic Notion/M Theory
Mystical Place Records - Devil Rythms
ISVVC - Voices In My Head
Shogun - Lay It Down
Shogun - Killa Intro
Shadowstar - Lowlife
Mystical Place Records - Terrible Things
Reap3r - Nothing But Hash
Trippythakid - Leedle Leedle Leee
Alpha Mob - Chevy Tang
Freddie Dred - What The Fuck You Talking Bout
Aztek x Dom - Pushaman
HPSHAWTY - Smokin' Chokin'
Baker Hydra Mane Tenngage - Smoked Out Killaz
DJJT - Stomp
Fellony - AMG Loop
Koopsta Knicca - Robbers
Punky Jones - Champion Sound
Punky Jones - MF Pimp
BEAM - Unda Armor
Shamana - Soundcloud
Slim Guerrilla - Set The Play
Mr. Carmack - 2012
Cursed - Unknown
ONHELL - Beats For Tommy Wright III
Tsuruda - Yacht Haven Grande
ONHELL - Beats For Tommy Wright III
Tsuruda - Yacht Haven Grande

Sounds Of My Mind w/ Medis

Expressing emotion through sound. Medis & Friends dive into dusty records and sentimental memories to share songs close to her heart and spread more positive energies through the interwebs.

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