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World Crime League

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"WCL return, expect library music irrelevance alongside, classics and forward thinking electronics from the likes of Sockethead, Hiele, Swanox and Typhonian Highlife."

Artist — Track Name

Garnagy and Maties - Musculation
Sockethead - Love Loss Missing Yearning
Karen Gwyer and Torn Hawk - Gauze (Sped)
Harald Grosskopf - Tracendental Overdrive
HIele - Eeltown
Clock DVA - Blue Tone
Swanox - Cross the Water
The Soul City Orchestra - Waiting in the Wings
Piero Umiliani - Cotton Road
Andrea Daltro - Kiua
K Leimer - Lonely Boy
Severed Heads - Food City
Typhonian Highlife - Zenith Umbaba-Xeno

World Crime League

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