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WIDE RADIO w/ She Is El Capo


We give closure to the first short residency of WIDE Radio X Noods with this mix by She Is El Capo. A 60-minute music selection that begins in the frenzy and restless 140 bpm to then dive in a gray area, and float in limbo. A reflection of the duality of confinement, and the relationship between agitated minds and still bodies.

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Show tracklist

Artist / Track Name
Synthetiq - Force
Spacetrilla - Danza
Oliver Twist - Kick Punch
OMAAR - GTR Acceleration
SNKLS & Soft Matter - Ibryd01
Lao - Melting Scheme
OMAAR - String Track
Neana - Pande Monium
Lao - Dissolved Space
Britney Spears - Toxic (Victor Metske H&Q Edit)
Harrga - Échos Obscurs De L'Orient
Arca - Nonbinary
Klein - grit
RRUCCULLA - Virtual hug
HIEDRAH Club de Baile - Culpa Ft. Odete
Zutzut - Plexo
Désiré, Lighght, Lila Tirando A Violeta & Lithe - Tense Inside
Nazar - UN Sanctions
DIEGO NAVARRO X KILBOURNE (Stasya's Beauty Blending) - ???
Paul Marmota - Aquí Dentro (Acapella)
J0ya - Renegad0 x an0che
Motivado - Cobalto (Serial Tila Remix)
Sisterybrother x Jags - Los Mágicos

WIDE RADIO w/ She Is El Capo

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