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Wasted Space

  • Breaks
  • Dub
  • House
  • Trance
  • New Beat
Artist — Track Name

e-Plume - Kiki's Gambert
Audio Research Council - Predictions
Godspeed - Call In Blue
Salamanda - Coconut Warrior
Guy Contact - Aquavision
Nahash - Terry - Terry
Arp - New Pleasures - New Pleasures
B(if)tek - Cosmic Love
Klein Zage - She's Out There (Local Artist Cult Mix)
Bogdan Ra - Lika & Sharks
Luca Lozano - Man of Science
David J Bull - Body Gum

Wasted Space

Coolant Bowser traverses customized terrains and interactive drosscapes, exploring the wasted space between wave, beat, downtempo, trance and other subterranean aural phenomena.

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