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Wasted Space

  • Dub
  • House
  • IDM
Artist — Track Name

Will Hofbauer - Diiing
Chris Cowie - Easy Rider
Kaya Project - Ako Si Moma ft. Irina Mikhailova (Know Matter Remix)
Lol Hammond - Jewel (Instrumental)
Midnight Savari - Zoo Keeper
Sangre Voss - density of aha
Remix Special - Linn Fun (Good Block Remix)
DJ Polo & Breaka & Swordman Kitala - Dance Hall Again
Metal - DISLOCATION CLIMB (Jamie Paton Dubwise I)
Ground - Gorogoro valley -ゴロゴロ渓-
Midnight Savari - Schizofriendly
A Psychic Yes, Davis Galvin, Knopha, Nice Girl, Sangre Voss, and Will Hofbauer - Hoot Flute (A Psychic Yes Remix)

Wasted Space

Coolant Bowser traverses customized terrains and interactive drosscapes, exploring the wasted space between wave, beat, downtempo, trance and other subterranean aural phenomena.

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