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Warp Speed Chug

  • Italo
  • Chug
  • Dub Techno
Artist — Track Name

Volunteer - Untitled 01
Volunteer - Untitled 08
ZaVen - You (BDTom Remix)
Angel - Particule 2
Tozzo - Shankle
Brian Ice - Talking to the Night
Hipnosis - AstroDance
Señor Chugger - Pint Exgulence
Hotel Lauer - Segger
Señor Chugger - Festival Skyline
Phil Grant - Hey Girl
Deadmau5 - I Remember

Warp Speed Chug

Warp Speed Chug is a monthly show hosted by Señor Chugger & DJ Seabass. For years now on this show he has been shoehorning in his own terrible music between well made Italo, Chug & otherwise euphoric tracks that are showcased on the program.

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