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Tomorrow Will Be Worse

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Artist — Track Name

Misha Sultan × Пурпурный Дядя - Болотная Птица
Public Relations - Video
Terrine - Blason will win an award this year
Wet Straw - ибо
Das Wettburo - Ante ist blind
Cone - Agony Ant
Lemna - Eliminate Names
Marble - Sahasrāra
Otto Sidharta - Kerrikil
Andrea Marinelli + Demetrio Cecchiitelli - Still Nacht
VOX PoPuLi - Sunshines Boy Initiation
Public Relations - Radio
Burning Pye - Continuing a Worn Out Tradition III
Minereed & Marble - Essence in the Evidence
Szymon Wildstein - By​ł​em zaskoczony pasja​̨​, kto​́​ra by​ł​a tak lekka, z​̇​e nic tak szczerze nie waz​̇​y​ł​a (Alicja edit)
Live For Each Moon - No Rules To Survival (Theme)
Frans & Trix - Stop' Excerpt (1971, Documentary by René Coelho)
Phew - Doing Nothing
Kumiko Suyama - 虫の時

Tomorrow Will Be Worse

Northern landscape meets soundscape - One hour a month Manchester's Max Ball unearths experimental sounds old and new.

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