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Tomorrow Will Be Worse

  • Post-Punk
  • Industrial
  • Experimental
  • Dark Ambient
  • Minimal Synth
Artist — Track Name

Human Flesh - Third Mirage
AQUAVOICE - Tam na Łemkowynie (Other Early Works)
Strafe Fur Rebellion - Santa Maria Side A (Excerpt)
Anni Hogan - The Executioner’s Song (Kickabye)
In Embrace - Tears Turn Fresh (Demo)
Dominique Petitgrand - Le Plus Gros Juron
Mourning Elektra Slangwitch - Messy Green
Dome - Rolling Up On My Day
Pornosect - Media Termination
Robert Rental - Untitled
Dominique Petitgand - Un Faible Pour Le Lac
Duo Senza Testa - Individualis
Joseph Nechvatal - -~~~~~venus©-~Ñ~vibrator, even 01 (2003)
Bogdan W. Raczynski - Długa Podróż W Chmurach
Bertin - Return to Sender
Josh & Jon At The Junkyard - Voices of Evil
Cultural Amnesia - Shallow Water
Scanner - Stroke (Excerpt)
Geins’t Nait - Ne quittez pas
Les Percussions De La Montagne Verte avec Maria Violenza - Delusione
Left Hand Right Hand - Rise & Fall
Taurus - Das Autonome Wesen

Tomorrow Will Be Worse

Northern landscape meets soundscape - One hour a month Manchester's Max Ball unearths experimental sounds old and new.

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