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Tired Eyes

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  • Electronica
  • Beats
  • Lo-Fi Hip-Hop
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Artist — Track Name

blacklotusmindcontrol - beyond the black rainbow
x shibachan1979 - space cadets
Tired Eyes - cruise cntrl remix (unreleased)
lentra - wah wah wah
The Kount - Right Here feat. Noam
atreetalking - satellites
wholle - thumbprinting
prizm wizard - bone cave
Wizard Santa - Horizon Effect
Broken Transient w Buli - Afternoon Loungin'
Phortran - Clam Chowder [in a bread bowl]
Tired Eyes - bb47 (unreleased)
bittersweet girl - garden of love
stephenicarmon - all mine
Cruise Ctrl - kiwanuka
so-so x theyalright - (unreleased)
leslockheart - Moneytree
Brass Clouds - RiceRain
teebs - humming birds
aerate - doctrine
Tired Eyes - #17 Spinal Tonic (unreleased)
Thriftworks - Rippin Sandos Ft. Thoto Leing
Afta1 - sand dunes
Moji-bake - Outono

Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes, is a Bristol based producer/DJ hailing from Southampton. His productions rooted in Experimental Hip Hop draw influence from Jazz, pysc rock, Soul and Leftfield Bass. Expect an exploration into all things beat culture and experimental electronic music.

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