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Tired Eyes

  • Experimental Hip-Hop
  • Hip-Hop
Artist — Track Name

Luvhenry - Rice&Gravy
Abjo - Kalimba Song
Syncho Gast - Heimdall
Dylantheinfamous - YVXP (ft. Kofi LXDXP)
Samiyam - Lord of The Rings (ft. Jeremiah Jae & Oliver the 2nd)
MF DOOM -Vomitspit
Action Bronson -Through the Eyes of a G (ft. Ab Soul)
Quelle Chris - Deathfame
Billy Woods - Versailles (ft. Despot)
Clever Austin - Blue Tongue (ft. Jon Bap)
Elusive - Chem Dawg
Scallops Hotel - Bookoo Bread co
Shariq Husayn - Jam 101
Sweatson Klank - Need to be
Ben Beal - Perch (ft byJ.)
Taylor Bennet - Favorite Colors (ft. Kyle & Luke Tennyson)
Free The Robots - Kaduwa (ft. Teebs)
Spectacular Diagnostics - Skywriting
Ramaj Eroc - Blackwater (ft HM Surf)
Sampa the Great - Energy (ft. Nadeem Din Gabisi
Tamiw - HAFU (ft. Moment Joon) [Tamiw Remix]

Tired Eyes

Tired Eyes, is a Bristol based producer/DJ hailing from Southampton. His productions rooted in Experimental Hip Hop draw influence from Jazz, pysc rock, Soul and Leftfield Bass. Expect an exploration into all things beat culture and experimental electronic music.

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