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Tilly w/ Brandon McMahon

  • Soft Rock
  • Soul

Seeing the summer out, Tilly invites Brandon for an hour of rose-tinted ocean front sounds. This hour is interwoven with classy AOR, private yacht rock and the softest of rock sounds with a few crashing waves of jazzier numbers through out. Bask in the last few weeks of the evening sun and bliss out to this mix. And whilst you’re at it…why not pour yourself another drink?

Artist — Track Name

Steve Moris - When We Used To
Clarence Grant Orchestra - Italian Sunset
Mike Scott - Get It Off Your Mind
Dancer - Dear Wendy
Windrose - Blue Skies
Tina Ealy - Follow The Son
Ben Harrison - Five Years Gone
Moods - Live Today
Severin Browne - Romance
Angela Shaw - Stranger In A Strange Land
Don Scott - Love WIth Me
Barry Coggins - Music Is A Feeling
Larry & Alfred Collinsworth - Waiting For The Show
Michael Kenny - You Are The Song
The McKenzie Brothers - Joni's Little Song
Paul Bryan - Like A Rainy Night
Michael - Lookin’ Back


Sometimes on Noods, sometimes in the club. Expect synth-pop, disco not disco, wave not wave and gems of all kinds, led by Tilly, long standing Noods Radio resident based in Bristol.

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