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George Michael - Monkey (Jam and Lewis Remix)
Nitzer Ebb - Warsaw Ghetto (Dub Mix)
Richard H. Kirk - Hipnotic
Spiritual Sky - Sky My House Band (Oye Mix)
Periclis - Acid House (Sax Version)
YZY - Live Box - Remix
Fatal Attraction - Music To be Murdered By...
The Sense - Bohnen (12'' VERSION)
Technoid - Technoid (Dub Mix)
Cock DVA - Reprogrammed
Herbal Infusion - The Hunter
Syntech - Discontented
Danton's Voice - Kick Your...(Diet Mix)
Krush - House Arrest (Razormaid Remix)
Sharpe and Numan - Change Your Mind (Extended Mix)
Ceejay - A Little Love (What's Going On)


Sometimes on Noods, sometimes in the club. Expect synth-pop, disco not disco, wave not wave and gems of all kinds, led by Tilly, long standing Noods Radio resident based in Bristol.

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