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Through The Years: Anarcho Punk w/ Stench Temple

  • Punk
  • Post-Punk
Artist — Track Name

Poison Girls - Old Tarts Song
Crass - Shaved Woman
Anorexia - Pets
Honey Bane - Turn Me On Turn Me Off
Hagar The Womb - True Love And Faith
Elton Mortello - Jet Boy Jet Girl
Wat Tyler - Vicar And I
The Apostles - Fucking Queer
The Restarts - Outsider
Crucifucks - I Am The Establishment
DIRT - After The Dance
Rubella Ballet - Plastic Life
Flowers - Victims Of Progression
PAKT - You're Doomed
Tank Girl - Kids With Guns And Chocofun
Dogfaced Hermans - Hear The Dogs
Sado Nation - Mum And Pop Democracy

Stench Temple

Description; [noun], otherwise known as a 'mosh pit', whereby one, in a state of euphoria and sweat, worships thy music before them, and leaves, most like, bruised, stinky and ecstatic. Each month, Stench Temple will be serving you up an hour of the heavy stuff; punk, hardcore, grindcore, deathcore, metal, nu-metal (etc etc etc... if you can mosh to it, it's in the mix). More importantly, i'll be bringing light to the individuals of marginalised genders in the scene that is usually so dominated by cis masculinity.... I wanna show just how raucous and unruly we can be. In the great words of G.L.O.S.S... "this is for the outcasts".

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