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Through The Years: American Primitive Guitar w/ Breakfast Records

  • Blues
  • Folk
  • Country
Artist — Track Name

Frank Hovington - 90 Going North
John Fahey - Sun Gonna Shine In My Backdoor Someday Blues
John Fahey - Impressions of Susan
John Fahey - View (East From The Top Of The Riggs Road/B&O Trestle)
Leo Kottke - Crow River Waltz
Kinloch Nelson - Lazin' In My Sleep
Wall Matthews - Spine River
Robbie Basho - North American Raga
Robbie Basho - Call On The Wind
Robbie Basho - Orphan's Lament
Glenn Jones - Fahey's Car
Jack Rose - Miss May's Place
Glenn Jones - Of Its Own Kind
Nathan Salsburg & James Elkington - Dim Recollection
Marisa Anderson - Old Names
Daniel Bachman - Coming Home
Gwenifer Raymond - Ruben's Song