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Thought Forms

  • Ambient
  • Experimental
  • Downtempo
  • IDM
Artist — Track Name

Takehisa Kosugi - Wave Code #E-1
Twerk & Sutekh - Phoenecia 'scapegoat'
Disjecta - Facemaker
Carter Tutti - Black Dust
Philipp Otterabach - kEmHHqBrnQM
Interactive Music - Dynamic Link
Nurse With Wound - Funeral Music for Perez Prado
Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey - Bright Waves
Cranioclast - Vaporum Mare
The (Hypothetical) Prophets - Wallenberg (French Version)
Detlef Funder & Bernd Sevens - Koma
érétik - Anne-James Chaton, Andy Moor, Thurston Moore

Thought Forms

Illustrative sounds within sleazy assemblages. The music landscape viewed through moody eyes.

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