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The Wine Dark Sea

  • Electronica
  • Gnawa
  • Straight Jazz
Artist — Track Name

Hamid El Gnawi - Soudani
Nass El Ghiwan - Ya chafi, ya afi (Ô guérisseur)
Simo Lagnawi - Bambraka (feat. Griselda Sanderson)
Hamid El Kasri - La Illaha Illa Allah
Mallem Sam (Mohammed Zourhbat) - Mousaoui - Sidi Mousa
Randy Weston - Blue Moses
Maalem Mahmoud Guinia & Floating Points - Mimoun Marhaba
Simo Lagnawi - Field Recording
Hamid Kasri - Aïcha Hamdouchia
Nass El Ghiwan - Hamdouchia
Majid Bekkas - African Blues (feat. Rachid Zeroual, Khalid Kouhen, Paolo Radoni & Marc Lelangue)
Nickodemus - Mystic Molay (feat. Hassan Ben Jaafer & Innov Gnawa) [Umoja Remix]

The Wine Dark Sea

The Wine-Dark Sea is a sonic cruise around the Mediterranean. From ancient rhythms to beach-club beats, each show explores a different musical genre and the world from which it came.

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