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The Slug Farm w/ Low Budget Aliens

  • Bass
  • Dubstep
  • GQOM
  • Reggaeton
  • Experimental
Artist — Track Name

Loto Retina - Invocation Bengale
Laksa - Yogis Choice
Kutmah - Darking Of The Light
Low Budget Aliens - Perk UP
Low Budget Aliens - Untitled 06
CRDDR - Bogatrah
INVT + Nick Leon - Mannatee Dub
Vianna - Bakka Riddim
Nazar - 2 African Sickos ft Citizen Boy
Silkback - Sonshitsu
Industry Dogs - Kick Puncher
Client_03 - Autonomous Correction
Mutant Joe - Eyes Without A Face
DJ Madd - Babylon Scatter
The Bug - Skeng (RWB 140 Edit)
Black Snake Whip - Turn You Off
Hamdi - Dagger
Low Budget Aliens - Current Flow
Client_03 - Testbed Output Side B
Low Budget Aliens - Phostphenes
FAKA - Isifundo Sokuqala
Vtgnike - Podgon

The Slug Farm

The Slug Farm is an expanse that exists in a distant realm, a breeding ground for sonic mutation. It facilitates the exploration of euphoric moods, balancing oceanic dreams with industrialised rhythms. An ongoing cycle that worms between ecstasy and meditation.

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