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The Slug Farm w/ DJ Slimecore & MISH

  • Rap
  • Trap
  • US Drill
  • Downtempo
  • Chug

For August's instalment of The Slug Farm MISH invites the mysterious & formidable DJ Slimecore for an hour guest mix live from the studio, running through US Rap, Trap & Experimental Rap / Hip-Hop sounds. MISH takes control for the first hour, serving up the usual order of blissful downtempo feels into brutalist sludgecore.

Artist — Track Name

Cabaret Du Ciel - Falasarna Exposure
Ike Zwanikken - Bianca
XIX - Neve
ML Buch - High speed calm air tonight
exael - Eidolon
xphresh - stim u down
First Epoque - <<y
Slolek - Eternally Recurring
Gil.Barte - Dubh Unzeth
Olorun - Key West
Christian Coiffure - Weeping Willow's Celestial Glow
Franco Franco - Rainbird
Kelman Duran - 40
blastah - Diablo
bambinodj - Stick Shift [Pt. II]
Terrain - Boliver
NVST - Request For Quantity (Everworkedonanarchy Mix)
FUMU - Disto Beatz15
Barking - Latent

The Slug Farm

The Slug Farm is an expanse that exists in a distant realm, a breeding ground for sonic mutation. It facilitates the exploration of euphoric moods, balancing oceanic dreams with industrialised rhythms. An ongoing cycle that worms between ecstasy and meditation.

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