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The Rye Wax Show w/ Meg Paine

  • EBM
  • Leftfield Techno
  • Downtempo
  • Turkish Psych
  • New Beat
Artist — Track Name

Iñigo Vontier / Thomass Jackson - Naive Song in E Minor
Roy Of The Ravers - Feathers
Simple Symmetry - Out Of Body Experience
Afacan Soundsystem - Make you Beep
Etane - D Dog Techno (originial mix)
Tronik Youth - Twin Freaks (original mix)
Amarcord - When It's Gone
Chez de Milo - Golden Ratio
Altin Gün - Yali Yali
Fargo Devianti / Vongold - Rebecca (original mix)
Damon Jee/Snem K - Do Carry On (MUGWUMP remix)
Curses - Discipline
Odopt - A14
Velodrome - Capataz
C.P.I - Walking & Falling

The Rye Wax Show

The Peckham based record store and nightclub presents a monthly show covering almost every genre imaginable, as different staffers take a turn at the decks presenting their own show. With well-renowned producers like Medlar, FYI Chris and Cabasa all working there alongside DJs like Rachael, Marcy and C Voyant of Souvenir, you can expect every member of this loose collective to dig deep through their own collections as well as the shop racks.

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