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The Put On w/ Shaolin Max

  • Soundtrack
  • Classic Disco
  • Downtempo
  • Synth Pop
  • Funk
Artist — Track Name

Marcel Hendryckx - Hypnose réelle
Francis Lai - L'arrivée d'Emmanuelle
Cerrone - Generique B.M.II
Bop & 291out - Che Male C'è
Jean-Dominique Converset & Frank Galance - Sky Ways
The Unkown Cases - Masimbabele (The Adrian Sherwood Remix Instrumental Version)
Bufiman - I Think I Got It Under Control now
Banco De Gaia - Desert Wind (The Satsuma Nightmare Remix)
Joy - She and I (Elle et Moi remix)
400 BLOWS Conscience
WET Boy among girls (secret mix)
Yello - Call It Love
Tessier - Ashpool - Rhythm Interuptus (V. 1)
Anne Clark - Sleeper In Metropolis
Brian Bennett - Air Quake
Lotte Kærså & Græsrødderne - Byen Er Stille
Andreas Vollenweider - Sena Stanjéna ?

The Put On

The Put On is the disco equivalent of K Billy's super sounds of the 70's, so if you're up to no good, make sure to have a decent soundtrack curated by Geneva's Pornopolis.

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