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The People's Avant-Garde w/ RamonPang

  • IDM
  • Leftfield Techno
  • Bass
  • Experimental

RamonPang soundtracks a shimmering river running through the darkest corners of a 90s IDM club - featuring his favorite leftfield bangers and unreleased tracks from The Tabula Rasa Record Company.

Artist — Track Name

Midori Takada - Modoki-1
DJ Floor - Photon
Tessela - Nancy’s Pantry
RamonPang - Harp Petal Dance
Altered Natives - Tomorrow Is The New Today
RamonPang - ID
Pheeroan Ak Laff - 3 In 1
Laraaji - LaraajiCollaji (Carlos Niño EDIT + Additions featuring Jamael Dean)
sv1 - atrophy
Asterisk Youth - Plant Loop
RamonPang - Indoor Sunset
RamonPang - ID
Pelada - Desatado
KOTH - sticks
Sidewalk Boy - Drunk Driver
WERK - Escape
T5UMUT5UMU - Deconstructed Eco Grime
Seaniee - Undergound
Bauri - Neo Robot Party Crash
Tyondai Braxton - Scout1
RamonPang - Glass on Grass (Kelbin Remix)
Bby Eco - When Matter Starts To Move
Richard Devine - Varseop
Small Rocks - Muchachos Gordos
Perfekshawn - Return of the DJ Optimized Intro
Bass Master Warriors - Ten Grand Dub Plate
Ghost - Butterfly Effect
Ghost - Projecting Dawn
RamonPang - Reentering the Atmosphere
Audion - Celetial Antibody

The People's Avant-Garde

The People's Avant-Garde is a monthly showcase of experimental club music from New Work City Records, a record label where five friends have come together to sharpen their art and grow the seeds of revolution

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