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The Otherness w/ Blume & Ophélie

  • Ambient
  • Post Club
  • Glitch
  • Jazz
  • Experimental
Artist — Track Name

microstoria - work place
frank bretschneider - difficult shapes and passive rhythms
komet - clap 05
yuki matsumura - sway
monoiz - multi_fractal
xozgk - hsk_nvn
plebeian - panic
efraim kent - glyph
jjsauma - the moon was our only light
rrose - saliva
erik k skodvin - moving mistake
kangding ray - persan
purelink - loon
mystic state - close thirteen
jan loup - admit defeat
black merlin - time in motion
eusebeia - ascendant
autechre - glitch
priori - bite soft
primal code - adansonia
dania - zaytun
great area - find out who is winning and why
aleksi perälä - fi3ac2267020
flora yin-wong - beautiful crisis

The Otherness w/ Blume

The Otherness digs deep into the feeling of strangeness, and each track selected for the episodes differs from what is familiar, expected, or generally associated with a specific style. It is inspired by a chapter in Hopscotch, Julio Cortazar's masterpiece, which analyzes what 'otherness' means and the relationship between order and chaos. Based on this concept, Blume delivers an hour of mysterious sounds, spliced genres and hybrid music of astonishing complexity. Elements of techno, glitch, ambient, breakbeat, jazz, and even twentieth-century avant-garde composition. As a result, each episode defies all categorization, reflecting the individualistic quirks and artistry of modern electronic music.

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