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The Otherness w/ Blume & joanna OJ

  • Jazz
  • Glitch
  • Experimental
  • Post Club
  • Downtempo
Artist — Track Name

marmo - gotta light?
rrose - joy of the worm
low gravity - eclittica
loek frey - add interaction
trois-quarts taxi system - ants
narizonte - subway mud
ithaki - missing waves
exael - desire is a glitch (with zoe darsee)
phoenecia - suite d256
yuki matsumura - private season
aoki takamasa - rn4-09
ophélie - sulky slug
tonto - igloo
yutie lee - chamomile night [alva noto remodel]
soundhacker - not what it is
motohiko hamase - duplicated scene
martin nonstatic - unlocked
kazuki muraoka - heron
toupaz - summernights
_urts - gouffre
mirrorlake - fembot
otodojo - evolving feet
vortex count - submodule access
mtrl - disrupt (dycide remix)
faugust - process aesthetics
whylie - searching angels
moreno padoan - diilevliin
endmodell - instabil / unsicher
pens & degro - waldbaur
memeshift - balipapan
fumbata - infrared
aedon - boubou
unity vega - secret keeper
alek s - neverending
soundhacker - phxone

The Otherness w/ Blume

The Otherness digs deep into the feeling of strangeness, and each track selected for the episodes differs from what is familiar, expected, or generally associated with a specific style. It is inspired by a chapter in Hopscotch, Julio Cortazar's masterpiece, which analyzes what 'otherness' means and the relationship between order and chaos. Based on this concept, Blume delivers an hour of mysterious sounds, spliced genres and hybrid music of astonishing complexity. Elements of techno, glitch, ambient, breakbeat, jazz, and even twentieth-century avant-garde composition. As a result, each episode defies all categorization, reflecting the individualistic quirks and artistry of modern electronic music.

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