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The Otherness w/ Blume

  • Ambient
  • Jazz
  • Experimental
  • Downtempo
  • Glitch
Artist — Track Name

serwed - plastm
piezo - dijitz
mu tate - new way to cope
mike midnight - secretlifeoflust
xenia reaper - dreh03
aircode - eye roll
critical amnesia - 0DSN₂ (inventory)
jon hassell - ndeya
loek frey - evane
flora yin-wong - diyu
perila - pocket full of nothing
cypher - ground
odd ned - double yellow (ft. stp)
k wata - your attitude not mine
all options - shake that
monolake - gecko
dj fulltono - keeper
laenz - being into nothingness
floid - askin adou
picnic - basket (haji k. remix)
jj+js - crx
ylia - something will be found
alloy sea - rain fell down
reinartz - c2
onsy - conc
windowseeker - crumble crack dawn song

The Otherness w/ Blume

The Otherness digs deep into the feeling of strangeness, and each track selected for the episodes differs from what is familiar, expected, or generally associated with a specific style. It is inspired by a chapter in Hopscotch, Julio Cortazar's masterpiece, which analyzes what 'otherness' means and the relationship between order and chaos. Based on this concept, Blume delivers an hour of mysterious sounds, spliced genres and hybrid music of astonishing complexity. Elements of techno, glitch, ambient, breakbeat, jazz, and even twentieth-century avant-garde composition. As a result, each episode defies all categorization, reflecting the individualistic quirks and artistry of modern electronic music.

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