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The Otherness w/ Blume

  • Deconstructed
  • Illbient
  • Experimental
  • Leftfield Techno
  • Drone
Artist — Track Name

flaty - observer feat. madteo
hexalyne - exal surface
yushh - look mum no hands
snkls - stir
the fellow passenger - albatross
vel - squirmin' like a toad
noria lilt - atatm (msjy remix)
code 3 - living proof
plus one - trial
konsudd - schwebende
floid - gizuh
xen model - controller
cypha - xzirow command
christian coiffure - dreamers at work (live version)
frank bretschneider - a soft throbbing of time
yushh - self couscous
otomoni - super u
pent & eric frye - hyper v5 (eric frye's gak life version)
jose fleury - her at six
opiate (thomas knak) - monday nightcap
ol - footprint
ura - blueing
nueen - v

The Otherness w/ Blume

The Otherness digs deep into the feeling of strangeness, and each track selected for the episodes differs from what is familiar, expected, or generally associated with a specific style. It is inspired by a chapter in Hopscotch, Julio Cortazar's masterpiece, which analyzes what 'otherness' means and the relationship between order and chaos. Based on this concept, Blume delivers an hour of mysterious sounds, spliced genres and hybrid music of astonishing complexity. Elements of techno, glitch, ambient, breakbeat, jazz, and even twentieth-century avant-garde composition. As a result, each episode defies all categorization, reflecting the individualistic quirks and artistry of modern electronic music.

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