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The No regrets Show w/ G-Man & Shaun

  • House
  • Downtempo
  • Leftfield House
Artist — Track Name

Inoyamaland - Glass Chime
Sjunne Ferge's exit - Awakening
Georgia - Dreams (in the garden)
Dalo - Zafram
Mappa mundi - Ubi et orbi
Coil - Alternative theme from the gay man's guide to safe sex
Miles Davis - Tu Tu
Captain beefheart & the maguc band ice cream for crow - The thousandth and tenth day of the human totem pole
Michael Karoli - Polly eltes
Scribble - Mother of pead
Aswad - Dub fire
Martin Rev - Venise
After 7 - Can't stop
After 8 - Can't stop
Danny Rampling - Miranda sex garden
Kino Moderno - Rift
Skatebard - Conga
Cheek - Venus ( sunshine people)
Two man sound - Que tal america
Danny Rampling - D. Mob-A rhythm from within
K-HAND - Come on now
Moloko - The time is now
Fresh and low - New life
Mindhelmet - B1
Da Posse - In the heat of the night
Selway - No Symphaty
KRSP - Fleet

The No Regrets Show

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