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The Jono Show

  • Ambient
  • Experimental
  • Electronica
Artist — Track Name

Shed - The Traveller
richicoc sakamoto - 20220214
Jacques - L'incroyable Vie Des Choses
Barker - Wick and Wax
Isles & Ellen Renton - Inheritance
pigbaby - I dont believe in Jesus but 3 grams of these mushrooms is making me some kinda way
Sea Oleena - Untethering
William Basinski - 1.2

The Jono Show

Touching on a bit of everything, Jono’s shows dive into anything from ambient soundscapes, downtempo jazz and alt rock to the audio creative destruction of house and techno. Having roots in composition and sound design a lot of his selection is based around tracks have a unique sound and composition to them.

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