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The Invisible Shelter

  • Synth Pop
  • New Wave
  • Post-Punk
  • Electronica

Playing some Portuguese music from the 80s, including tracks by Mler Ife Dada, Nuno Canavaro, Clube Naval, Anamar, Luis Cilia and Linha Geral.

Artist — Track Name

Projecto Azul - New sides
Linha Geral - Formas Estranhas
Mler Ife Dada - À Sombra Desta Pirâmide
Santa Maria, Gasolina Em Teu Ventre! - Ezra Pound E A Loucura
Ne Ladeiras - Corsaria
Pilar - A Cidade Arder
Anamar - Feiabonita
Lobo Meigo - Sonambulos
Clube Naval - Salva-Vidas
Manuela Moura Guedes - Foram Cardos, Foram Prosas
DWART feat. Nuno Rebelo - Opala
Ocaso Épico - Luz
Nuno Canavaro - Wask
Telectu - Untitled 3
Luis Cilia - Saxofonias

The Invisible Shelter

The Invisible Shelter is a monthly Sunday morning show that explores music singularities and boundaries from the globe, pointing to certain parts of the map; maybe a calendar event or a particular instrument; perhaps some ephemera record label that is off the radar. Expect all kinds of music you would like to hear on a Sunday morning: folk songs, ambient explorations, cosmic sonorities, contemporary soundscapes, field recordings, ethnographic and the branches that might come out of that categories

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