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turkish psych

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Midori Takada - Mr. Henri Rousseau's Dream
Miho Hatori - In Your Arms
Brenda Ray - Krazee Music
The Space Lady - Fly Like An Eagle
Ellen Arkbro - Mountain of Air
Dakhabrakha - Бувайте здорові (Be Healthy)
Yma Sumac - Cuncho (The Forest Creature)
Esmeray - Büyümsüm
Selda - Meydan Sizindir
Sababa 5 & The Amazing Yurika - Blue Universe - 蒼い世界 - (Aoi Sekai)
Miss Red - No Guns
Lolina - Lolina
Millie Phipps - Ce N'est Que Moi
Yanka & Great October - Мы по колено (We Are Knee Deep)
Sabina - Sailor's Daughter
Spill Gold - Dali
PONPON - You Can See The Light
Yama Warashi - Sole Wa Alu
Clara Rockmore - Berceuse (Tschaikowsky)
Okkyung Lee - Hollow Water
Nadah El Shazly - Ana 'Ishiqt (I Once Loved)
Bell Lungs - Dead Earth
Areski et Brigitte Fontaine - La Recherche de L'hiver
Laurel Halo - MK Ultra
Sarah Vaughan - Jim
Alice Coltrane - Shiva-Loka
Rupa - Aaj Shanibar

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