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The Cube: an hour of audio from Bristols eclectic microplex

  • Ambient
  • Ethiopiques
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Artist — Track Name

Hypnotic Brass Ensamble - Now
Grouper - Moon is Sharp
Rains Won't Fuss - In Place of Dreams
Tesfa Maryam Kidane - Heywete (Ethiopiques)
Ariel and Mathias - Everything for Everyone
Pedro Santos - Desengano Da Visita
Chemboy - Cleaning Frenzy
Tim Prior - The Last,the Very Last Rev 1.
Quarantine Cube Radio Show 1 - Rick
Alex Leitch - Man's Will
Quarantine Cube Radio Show 2 - Rick
Shirley P - Body Pressure Under Your Skin
Alex Leitch - The Play Reprise
Alice Human - All We Have Is Now
Rains Won't Fuss - Ugly Feathers Pretty Song
My Two Toms - Except from Cube Archive Recording
Marcus Valentine - My First Song
Mark Fergerson - Black Bird Near M5
Velly Joonas - Käes On Aeg
Bird Bath - Tomorrow We Will Run Faster
Piero Umiliani - Crepuscolo sul mare (originale)
Aphex Twin - Avril 14th