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The Bombay Club

  • Cosmic
  • Downtempo
  • Leftfield House
  • Ambient

Cosmic, Balearic, Slomo and weird Waves, take a transcendental trip through the outer periphery.

Artist — Track Name

TAGLIABUE - Filamenti Cosmici
Diana Berti - My unknown friends
Veslemes - Hard to find Love (in these Woods)
Anatolian Weapons - Jungle Track (Vidock Remix)
Kons Istent - Mess Age
Eva Geist - The End is Yours
Anatolian Weapons - Vortex (Ayaz Remix)
Tassilo Vanhöfen - Aranda Traditions
TAGLIABUE - B4 Forza Gravitazionale
Warzou - Same shit fail (shame)
Kubebe - Wolfgang
La Serpiente - Her soul is trapped in the desert
Golden Bug - Fata Morgana

The Bombay Club

Cosmic, balearic, slomo, weird waves and left-field dance manoeuvers. Take a transcendental trip through the outer periphery of sounds old and new.

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