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Tell Me I'm Dreaming

  • Ambient
  • Boogie
  • Folk
  • Cosmic Funk
  • House

Close your eyes, this may all be a dream...

Artist — Track Name

Warren Hampshire - Eve Of The Deluge
Nicky Soft Touch - The Face On The Note
The Billy Love Experience - Let Love Live
Richard Greenan - Rehearsing Heat
Middle Name Dance Band - Weekend Love Chant (vocal) ft Wallace
Andrzej Mikolajczak - Tori
Carrie Cleveland - Take Me To A Disco (Instrumental)
Mary Love Comer - Come Out Of The Sandbox (East Coast Love Affair mix)
Dam Funk - Grow
Justice - Literal
Javonntte - Reggietune
Kavita - Goddess Deluxe (BB Boogie Original)
Chaos In The CBD & Jon Sable - Te Puke Thunder

Tell Me I'm Dreaming

Dreamlike music for a Monday afternoon touching on ambient, jazz, funk and house loveliness. Your host will be Neil Sherwood.

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